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Executive Stretch has teamed up with a highly experienced adventure travel company to provide a unique training programme set in a total wilderness environment designed to explore, and develop, uncharted areas of the world and mind.

The Executive Stretch Development Programme is a five-phase leadership development programme, the core of which is a 16-day expedition to a remote area of Central Asia with the aim of conquering an unclimbed summit.

The programme is targeted towards:

- Middle and Senior managers with a genuine interest in further developing their leadership skills.
- Members of high potential, Fast track and talent pools as part of their portfolio of development opportunities.
- More established executives who are seeking to refresh their knowledge and further develop their leadership skills in a testing environment.
- Ideally suited as a reward for outstanding contributions to the business.
- For key players whose retention is critically important to the business.

Climbing the dizzy heights of the corporate ladder..
“The true art of climbing is survival, and the point at which that becomes most difficult is when, having mastered what till then has been considered the epitome of achievement, you try to go one stage further. To venture where no one has been before, and where hardly anyone wants to follow - or even understands what it is you are trying to do. It is there, in that unknown region, where sensations and experiences are found that are of far greater intensity than any from "well-grazed" lands.” - Reinhold Messner
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