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Many people dream of going on adventures – particularly those who may have missed out on the opportunities earlier in life, when wrestling with the ties of growing a family or a career. Very often, later in life, when we have the money to go, we simply do not have the time or the experience to make it happen.

We are able remove those impediments for you and fast forward the process in a painless way. We believe that if you are going on an adventure to remote parts to take on a challenge that will stimulate and test you, you need to prepare and train both mentally and physically for the event. This way you can ensure that you ‘hit the ground running’ and get the very best opportunities to develop and grow from the experience - as well as getting maximum enjoyment and an enormous sense of fulfilment.

If you are interested in taking on a challenge outside the edge of your comfort zone and engage in a frontier adventure experience, why not engage our experience as an adventure coach to guide you through that experience?

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Well, you certainly inspired me and today, I have registered to run the Marathon des Sables 2014. Your talk was fab and I loved your passion for adventure. You put most of us to shame. Of course, if it all happens, I will naturally be swearing and cussing at you as I go through the moments of “what AM I doing here?”

"In just 2 days working with our senior management team John guided us to understand the key drivers of our own personalities and then facilitated the steps we needed to take to ensure that we could take our effectiveness as a leadership team up a level. John's common sense approach and real world knowledge enabled us to build a practical and actionable road map with the necessary tools to manage and understand the need for constant review and fine tuning of our Corporate Strategy in todays business world. We felt as if we'd known John for 20+ years and that he somehow had specific insights into the fundamentals in our industry and the specific issues we faced as a team. John very quickly became to us the trusted advisor we work so diligently to become for our own clients!"
Mike Wilson – COO of OBM International

"How much we grow will depend not only on the quality of our experience, but will depend on the quality of our reflections upon these experiences" - Beyond Adventure, Colin Mortlock

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