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  target selection open risk  

Following the same format the programme will be run in five phases over a 9-month period

Phase 1 - Initial selection interviews, & commencement of coaching
Phase 2 - Three day residential selection/assessment/development course
Phase 3 - Executive Coaching
Phase 4 - Expedition
Phase 5 - Post expedition review of learning & development

1 to 1 coaching is integral to the whole programme and continues beyond the expedition phase to ensure participants rationalise their experience and integrate their learning to the context of the work place on return.

Call to explore with us further.

“It's a whirlwind of emotion with environment, physical and mental challenges thrown at you from all angles. You'll see parts of the world and cultures you never knew existed and experience some of the best mountain scenery ever. Afterwards you'll be glad to be back in civilisation but will struggle to remember any but the positive memories of working as a team, overcoming difficulties and sharing in team successes.” - ES Client
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