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  target open tailored risk  

We advocate responsible, adventuring, willing, optimistic, self-enhancing growth.

This programme is for people:

- Totally committed to the concept
- Who have the ability to achieve a suitable level of physical fitness along with the commitment to undertake quite serious physical preparation
- Who will pass a medical inspection during a selection weekend.
- Who have a suitable level of interpersonal and team working skills that will be tested during the selection weekend.
- Who are interested in giving to others as well as personal growth
- Who already have leadership experience
- A proven level of personal resilience
- Are comfortable with the idea of living and working in a tough outdoor environment, in a foreign country, for a period of 16 days.

If you feel you match these criteria and you share our attitude, or you have someone on your team you would like to put forward, contact us to talk further.

“It is always good to re-evaluate your career and achievements to date in the context of another culture, especially a materially poor one. It makes you realise both how lucky and unlucky you are, there are always choices to be made.....” - ES Client
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