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Having undertaken this unique 9 month personal development programme your team member will return:

- Refreshed and energised
- Eager to confront new challenges
- Capable of accepting more responsibility
- Able to engage with relish complexity and uncertainty in the workplace
- With greater self confident and be a self assured representative of your organisation
- With greater awareness of their impact on others in the work place
- With increased personal gravitas
- With a clearly defined personal development plan
- As powerful resources when the going gets tough at work

In addition to this, the 9-month programme gives the organisation:

- A unique opportunity to support and enhance their brand image on a world wide basis, identify and exploit the strength of the participant, thereby developing the effectiveness of the individual as a manager and leader.
- An opportunity to give an inspirational, multimedia presentation to their business groups on return plus articles in trade journals.
- An increased retention rate of key people.

"the programme has enabled me to understand better the ways in which I work and disseminate information and how that differs from others. This in turn then enables me to work better with people who have different working and learning styles”
- Candidate quote

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