John Peck has the capacity to take people and teams to levels they never thought they could achieve in their life. This is what gives him his energy and raison d'être. John knows only too well the pressure people will be under if they are to play key roles in cracking the current challenges that face them. His job is to make sure that they retain their confidence, steadiness, courage, vision and energy throughout the challenge.

A founder of First Ascent Consultancy, John has spent his life studying and developing leaders. He is also a notable leader himself. In a former life as a senior police officer in London, he honed his skills on the anvil of life whilst leading his officers into action in dealing with riots and unrest in a volatile London. His leadership was tested fully when failure was not an option and lives were at stake.

His sensitivity and political awareness, when holding the role of Divisional Commander of one of the busiest police stations in one of the most dangerous areas in London, enabled him to negotiate peace, calm and order in a community which was tearing itself apart. These skills have taught him how to find ways through seemingly intractable human resistance.

He went on to develop and implement a fresh management development strategy for the Metropolitan Police and from there was headhunted to run Advanced Leadership Development Programmes at the Bramshill National Police Staff College.

In his personal life, he has relentlessly taken on challenges in leading teams to remote parts of the world on a wide variety of expeditions – including first British ascents of peaks in the Himalayas. Over the past two years he has rowed across the Atlantic and run across the Sahara desert. He recently set up and ran an assessment centre to select a number of teams to race to the North Pole.

John has designed, promoted and delivered Leadership and Team Development programmes to a wide range of managers from private and public sector organisations in the UK, the USA and world-wide.

John has an M.Phil. in Leadership & Organisational Behaviour and is a Fellow of the Institute of Personal Development. He was trained in Consultancy by the Tavistock Institute and is a qualified Oxford, Cambridge and RSA accredited Executive Coach. He is an experienced consultant and currently plays a major role in the Strategic Development Consultancy team for the First Ascent Group.

He is an energetic person who knows how to motivate others to give of their best. He is comfortable working in the Boardroom as well as coaching top class performers in the field. He is a renowned inspirational speaker and much in demand as a keynote speaker at large corporate events.

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  Andrew Wielochowski is married with three children and lives in South Wales. He studied Chemistry at Imperial College in London and then Oceanography in Bangor where he first started mountaineering. His varied career included teaching in Scotland, England, Wales, Switzerland and Kenya. He also worked as a mountaineering instructor for the Joint Services Mountain Training Centre in Scotland, as an instructor for the Canadian Rocky Mountains Outward Bound School and at Plas y Brenin in Wales.

Over the last twenty years he has been running EWP, a mountain guiding company specialising in, amongst other areas, East Africa and the former Soviet Union. He speaks several languages including Russian fluently, which he perfected over the many years he has been guiding in Russia and Central Asia. He has also used his knowledge to publish several climbing guidebooks and maps of mountain areas.

Throughout his mountaineering career he has been involved in numerous first ascents on rock snow and ice, many of these being on virgin summits in the Himalaya, Pamir and Tien Shan. Over the last 12 years he has organised and led 11 Virgin Summit expeditions to Central Asia. In the past he has trained a Mountain Rescue team in Scotland and was a member of the Mount Kenya rescue team. He is a firm believer in developing people's self-confidence and performance through challenging activities.


  Marcus Peck is an enthusiastic doctor with an interest in the physiology of extreme environments. His work as a London teaching hospital intensive care physician and anaesthetist has equipped him with the skills to care for the sickest of patients. He has leadership experience at high altitude in the Ruwenzori Mountains of Uganda and has negotiated with the Ugandan government and international NGOs.

During his training he has worked in a broad base of hospital specialities including emergency, trauma and general medicine, anaesthesia and intensive care. He holds membership to both the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Anaesthetists and his broad experience-base makes him confident in all kinds of emergencies.

He has extensive trauma experience and worked on the trauma team at the Royal London Hospital notable for its Helicopter Air Ambulance and BBC's ‘Trauma’ fame. He was invited to instruct on the Advanced Trauma Life Support courses that train doctors to manage multiply-injured patients and also instructs on cardiac resuscitation courses.

In the early 90’s he founded and led three expeditions to the Ruwenzori Mountains in Uganda which involved ascent to, and prolonged work at, high altitude. The conservation project he established has become a registered charity and international development foundation that continues to support the children of mountain region.

'As the medical officer on the successful Unclimbed Peaks expedition to Kyrgyzstan he was prepared for a wide range of problems from minor ailments to altitude mountain sickness and major trauma.'


Harold Edwards Mountaineering began in 1993 to provide a specialist service in offering mountain guiding, training and climbing instruction. The service is based in the Lake District National Park, and his activities extend to Scotland, the Alps, and to the greater ranges in Nepal, India and Peru.  

Harold holds the International Mountain Guides qualification (IFMGA) and the Mountaineering Instructors Certificate (MIC). He is a qualified teacher and was awarded a BA degree through the Open University. He has also instructed other adventure pursuits, for example canoeing and skiing.

His professional experience extends over many years from formative involvement with Outward Bound and school teaching to residential outdoor education and youth work in addition to being a free-lance mountain guide. Through all this background he derives his versatility and adaptability.

Harold Edwards has been associated with First Ascent Consultancy for several years as a provider undertaking activities for management training and personal development.

His other clients are of all ages and range from private individuals looking for companionship and personalised training or those simply seeking a great experience climbing in the mountains.


  Lew Hardy currently holds the post of Professor of Health and Human Performance at Bangor University. He is one of the world’s leading sport psychologists and was the British Olympic Association’s head psychologist from 1989 to 2001. Lew has also been a qualified UIAGM international mountain guide for almost 25 years. As a Mountain Guide, Lew has led clients on expeditions to the Alps, the Himalayas, and the Andes. He has also made first ascents in Britain, France, and the Himalayas.  

In recognition of his contribution to psychology, he was invited to become a Chartered Psychologist by the British Psychological Society in 1992. In 1994, he was made a fellow of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences – only the fifth person to receive this honour. In 1996 he was the HQ Psychologist for the British Olympic team at Atlanta and was awarded the inaugural Distinguished International Scholar Award of the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (probably the most prestigious award in sport psychology).

Lew has been invited to make keynote addresses at all the major international conferences on sport psychology and sport science. He is also much sought after by business and industry as a presenter, coach, and ‘trouble shooter’ on the management of high level performance, particularly at senior management level.


  Jeremy Le Fevre has worked with a rich variety of groups facilitating teambuilding and performance improvement events with the likes of RBS, Accenture, HP, BP, McKinsey. He is also an experienced Expedition Leader with extensive knowledge of working with teams in difficult situations in remote regions of the world.  

As an Expedition Leader he has led trips for Explore, KE Adventure and Wild Frontiers through Mali, Morocco, Cuba & NWFP Pakistan and epic Mountain Bike trips across Central Asia last summer completing a 26-day overland trip from Kazakhstan through Kyrgyzstan into China and finishing in Pakistan.

Jeremy has an MA in Social Anthropology with Development from Edinburgh University and has undertaken field research at a Tibetan Monastery and in the Karakorum Mountains. More recently his interest in what makes individuals & teams work highly effectively has drawn him to studying Applied Emotional Intelligence as well as taking his training to a deeper level by participating on The Human Element programme developed by Will Shutz.

Above all, Jeremy has an infectious energy and enthusiasm that has a powerful, inspirational impact on those he works with. His experience as an expedition leader of rugged physical adventures is topped by even more fascinating adventures of the mind. An inspiring and resourceful person to have with you when the going gets tough.


"Climbing is no different from the classroom, the office, the factory floor…the only difference is, when you’re climbing you can’t walk away.” - Doug Scott
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